Although the historic precinct of Mother City is not vast there is much to take in in this wonderfully cosmopolitan port town that was formed by many cultures. It is certainly too much to take in everything in one day.

Tours usually start with a bit of background, how and why Cape Town got to be where and how is is today (it is linked closely to political events in Europe and Asia). A visit to the Natural History Museum will reveal mysterious information about the first people who lived here, the world’s oldst human lineage. Thereafter a look at who, or what, came before them back into the darkness of time.

A stroll through the Company Gardens, the remnant of the once more expansive garden that was Cape Town’s raison de’etre, ends at the slave lodge, a dark but important part of our history. Depending on your own origins and interests, we will visit sites specific to those. For example, did you know a side-action of the American Civil War was fought here? Or that Flemish and not Dutch was the precursor to Afrikaans? Scottish? They played a big role locally, as did Indonesians, possibly even Phoenecians.

Or how about the oldest: the oldest intact building in South Africa, the oldest grape vine, the oldest inn, the oldest church, even the oldest fruit tree (which dates from the time the colony was established in order to resupply scurvy-ridden ship crews).

Then there is the aspect of Cape Being fondly recalled as the Tavern of the Seas: a visit to the historic taverns is one way to enjoy the hospitality of the Mother City, or music, … we’ve got a theme for every taste, and a city that loves to show you its many treasures. And we’ll take a break at one of the famous taverns.

Discounts are offered for children under the age of 12 years as well as for groups of 4 or more.

Unless otherwise arranged, tours start at 08h30 and end between 17h00 and 18h00.

This standard rate usually includes:

  • All entry fees
  • Exclusive use of a luxury vehicle
  • Lunch at a select venue
  • Tastings if on a wine tour
  • Knowledge of our specialist guides
  • Tailor-made itineraries
  • Special requests, such as shopping
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